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IBA offers a range of housing loans with different interest rates depending on your individual circumstances and loan requirements. For an overview of IBA’s housing loan products, please click here.

If your combined gross annual income is greater than $121,212, please use the Housing Loan Calculator to determine what you may be eligible to borrow. To determine the most appropriate home loan product for you, please visit an IBA office or call us on 1800 107 107.

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Combined gross annual income is the sum of 100% of the Primary Borrower’s gross annual income and 100% of the Secondary Borrower’s gross annual income.

The information generated through this page may change at any time without notice. The information should be used as a guide only and is not an offer of credit. To determine the specific terms and conditions of each IBA housing loan, IBA must first undertake a full assessment of an applicant’s eligibility and formal Application for Loan in accordance with IBA’s Indigenous Home Ownership program policy and procedures. Contact your nearest IBA office for further details.